The culture of good living

The culture of good living is one of the pillars of a country project oriented towards looking after its entire population and environment. Good living implies counting on an economic system of excellence with productive processes that care for the environment and a type of excellence very different from maximizing the profit of capital owners. The new focus is satisfying fundamental needs by replacing the criterion of profit as organizer of the economic system for that of solving what the entire society needs. This does not imply a weak or inefficient economic system but rather one vigorous and sustainable with technological and scientific development that builds knowledge and serves the general wellbeing. This means leaving behind a society where dominators have unlimited rights and the rest the obligation of suffering their merciless consequences.

There is no good living where the affluent ignore the hardships of the rest. The culture of good living ennobles social relations, prioritizes honesty, dignity, and solidarity. It is a culture of an open hand that helps, and thus not of a closed fist to oppress. It is a culture of peace, union, and equality, of “fair” justice, of diverse voices and not just echoes.

That is the desired country project; a collective construction that evaluates possible paths and chooses the one that represents the singularity of each society.


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