Swirling forces in a complex world

In complex realities such as the present, forces of diverse nature and magnitude swirl. From geopolitics, the passage to a multipolar world triggers new leaderships and volatile outcomes. Economic dynamics, technological competitiveness, the imposition of operating standards, the demographic course and the military power that overflies the world weigh heavily. Weapons of mass destruction emerge from a lethargy created to deter, to intimidate, after the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not to be used; risks grow in feverish minds.

Geopolitical forces are projected within countries where alienated minorities in greed for unlimited accumulation corner majorities increasingly lagging and punished. It is the unprecedented opulence of a few promoting social fragmentation, inequalities, despising solidarity, care for the planet, thus, more fists than outstretched hands. Fraternal love, peace, resist however they can in the face of selfishness, deceit, manipulation, hatred, suspicion of diversity; voices are silenced, freewill is dumbed down.

Since the dawn of humanity there has been violence and defeat, pillage and looting, conflicting interests, and needs. Of course, the forms of domination, the mechanisms of submission, change. The open hardness that was openly shown now tries to cover up although it remains intemperate. And yet, despite the obscurantism and gags, with struggles and efforts, the understanding, clarification, yearnings for freedom and social justice, respect for others and for the nature that shelters everyone, Mother Earth, were able to germinate. Otherwise, we would remain in caverns, lost in ferocity.

 It is possible and necessary to establish better directions and ways of functioning. Just as challenges adjust to the evolution of times and succession of hegemonies, hopes and determination are also renewed. Today, as always, it is time to stand up and build; here is where we join in.


The Editors

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