STORM: The ways of the crisis and the ways out of it

Great economic crises are not just economic. They resist artificial and academic classification. They challenge the presuppositions on which rest a model of society, a style of life, and a type of civilization. This is my first point. The second is that such grave moments convoke, for reasons that remain mysterious, the best leadership to take charge…



Chapter 1
Doña Rosa and the Dollar:
On Monetary Geopolitics

Chapter 2
The Great Illusion

Chapter 3
The Two Sides of the Crisis

Chapter 4
Socialism Where Least Expected

Chapter 5
The Fading Remedies of War

Chapter 6
Crisis and New Government in the United States:
A Latin American View

Chapter 7
On the Brink of Great Change:
The Crisis as Gateway to a New World

Chapter 8
The Steep Downhill

Chapter 9
Possible Ways Out

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