Getting out of the Crisis towards a sustainable development

At Opinion Sur, we have taken it upon ourselves to understand what caused the crisis, the dynamics that gave it its origin, and the circumstances that converged to make it explode with the virulence and global reach that it did 1 . It is an essential analytical task to understand what happened and be able to evaluate the relevance and possible effectiveness of the proposed solutions. If we do not have our own perspective, we will have to rely on the hegemonic vision, ineffective as the crisis itself showed yet repeated a thousand times by traditional engines of strategic thought. From our viewpoint, this global crisis is not only financial even though it was, without doubt, triggered by the failures of the financial system. (+ inf )


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Did we deserve the crisis ?

Chapter 3
Facing the crisis: transforming in the spur of the moment

Chapter 4
Decision-making to come out of the crisis

Chapter 5
To wipe out hypocrisy and indifference

Chapter 6
The Process of Building a Transformation

Chapter 7
Leading in the Vertigo of Contemporary Acceleration

Chapter 8
Not only Power but also a Better Course is Needed

Chapter 9
Abating Inequality to Find a Sustainable Way out of the Crisis

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