Power, pain and offense

Power, pain and offense constitute complementary dimensions of the wealth concentration process As other oppressors were in the past, today financial capital, in complicity with managers, advisors, politicians and the media at its service, imposes its strength upon the rest of mankind. A minority of people and economic organizations have managed to accumulate enormous fortunes in just a few years through diverse mechanisms1 while inequality grows, poverty and destitution are reproduced mercilessly, the economic march becomes structurally unstable and insecurity, real or felt, transforms attitudes and relationship between people.

None of these mechanisms of extraction of value are legitimate and many of them are definitely illegal. Those who impose them should be unmasked as responsible for the present situation; far from it they live an ostentatiously wasteful life devoid of existential meaning. They add offense to their greed and ruthlessness.

They pretend to be honest and merciful by handing out insignificant proportions of their fortunes in philanthropies. In their hypocrisy they aspire to be loved and respected. The lives that with their actions have been cut short do not matter to them and they find a thousand ways to detach themselves from the responsibility of what they keep causing. They are full of themselves and consider their privileges as inalienable rights. The established order is their life insurance regardless of that order punishing millions of other lives.

What lies within those beings, what do those who burst with selfishness and greed feel? Just like anyone who profits at the expense of other people’s lives and happiness, they provided themselves with values and justifications that allow them to disguise cruelties, silence remorse and evade the consequences of their actions. However, and despite the delusive enjoyment with which they try to numb their awareness, those beings are burdened with fears, anguish, and deep existential dissatisfaction. Strong condemnation the one they see reflected in the look of those abused, impossible to ignore as masks fall and addictions fade when slipping through life.

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