Laws and deregulations that punish peoples and abuse the planet

Important global meetings took place in Rome (G-20) and Glasgow (UN Climate Change Conference); meanwhile millions of beings in poverty and indigence searching for ways of surviving every day and every night. Would there ever be a world free from the greedy and selfish? Beyond small though painful meanness, those who kill with their decisions frighten, they can sacrifice countries, neighbors, and even family if with that they are able to increase their rate of return. So many times, we have wondered why they keep inflicting suffering, inequities endlessly and never thinking that it is enough wickedness, existential avarice. Answers are multiple, some thoughtful, others without unveiling what is concealed; and the ill-nourished continue to get sick, the defenseless dying, prisons filling up with chicken rustlers and almost without any big scoundrel.

With unbeatable cynicism, they have imposed laws and deregulated controls to transform their atrocities in “legal” actions. They have abused the world and the planet. Today, they continue punishing peoples and idiotically hurting the planet of which humanity and nature, as we know it, depend for their survival. Please, other laws to protect the acquiescent downtrodden, to care for the vulnerable, to promote solidary acts, other regulations to restrain the packs, to preserve peace and collaboration within countries and the uncertain geopolitical board.

Challenges do not alarm, to tackle them, generation after generation, since always and even today.


The Editors

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