Regarding “infomaniac”

The “infomaniac”  is the last version of a narcissist, every time more dependent on what gives him/her affirmative certainties regarding the value of his/her opinions, consumptions, and habits, exposed at every instant and without suspicions of negativity. Han repeats once and again that the only thing that social media gives us in exchange for the voracious usufruct of our data is narcissism. The “Likes”, “hearts,” “shared” and “seen” that we exchange are no more than narcissism distributed by users who, at the same time, are more and more segmented, filtered, and molded by the narcissist logic of social media. The circle of mutual and celebratory confirmation that repeats that we are the best possible versions of ourselves closes perfectly. There are lives, including sudden and successful professional careers, tied to the reputation that is built with the digital narcissism.

Nicolás Mavrakis

Regarding detachment and caring

We not only inhabit the world through our work, but also through empathy, care, and lovingness. This is the place for compassion. Who has worked this better than us the westerners is Buddhism. Compassion (Karuná) is articulated in two different and complementary movements: total detachment and essential care. Detachment means letting the other be, thus, not to frame him/her, but respect his/her life and destiny. Caring for him/her does not imply never leaving him/her alone in his/her suffering, but rather affectively wrap ourselves with him/her so that s/he can live better, easing his/her pain.

Leonardo Boff

Regarding the hate, that expels the other

S/he who demonizes the other is weaved by hate. Hate is a passion that impedes dialogue, acknowledgement of the existence and autonomy of the other. Hate leads to expelling the other, not considering him/her as a human being.

José Pablo Feinmann

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