Regarding politics and future

Politics is based on the election of alternatives, is based on thought, rational strategy. Identity is the opposite of freedom, is the opposite of election. I am white, I am black, I am Muslim, I am Christian … Politics has nothing to do with the “being,” but with becoming.

Franco Berardi

Regarding how to face Goliaths

To face Goliaths favored by the neoconservative dynamic and the (as disguised as potent) support from Governments, we do not need an opposite-sign Goliath but rather that many David proliferate, smaller but with deepest roots and different conception. This criterion is applicable to media space as well as to the production of goods and services; and, once again, to political participation. Let a hundred socioeconomic Councils flourish in municipalities and provinces, opening the game to new players.

Mario Wainfeld

Regarding legitimizing dominators

In our society, orthodox economy has the role of promoting and legitimizing politics that dominant sectors establish.

Pablo Caramelo

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