Other dawns will come

There is no individual solution to the coronavirus. We can take care of ourselves but if some do not, it will be very difficult to ameliorate the circulation of the virus. Whether we like it or not, we are twinned in front of its threats and solutions.

It is clear now that an absent State increases risks and inequalities. Without norms that protect us, we are left at the mercy of the merciless. There will be no peace to advance while condemning entire populations.

Other dawns will come. May they do not find us restoring the structures of economic, political, media and judicial malice that established inequities and inequalities. Something new, solidary, responsible, careful about Humanity and the Planet is possible. During and after the sanitary commotion, we must arise, enhance courses and trajectories, and care for everybody.

There are other ways of living and feeling.


The Editors

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