Manipulated information, biased perspectives

It is difficult to access credible information in a communicational universe controlled by a handful of large corporations. Already in 1988 Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman warned about the manufacture of social consensus (manufacturing consent), a propaganda model of the United States media that only transmits the opinions of economic power. Something similar happens almost everywhere in the world. The main media belong in fact to the economic power that finances them with advertising and contributions. Thus, information is born manipulated and perspectives biased according to the interests of concentrated groups. Those who dared to question them are voices with dampers, wooden bells as José Hernández wrote. Of course, the contemporary modality is that they act with the complicity of generously financed sectors of politics, and of judges and prosecutors entrenched in strategic spaces of the judicial system.

From this conspiracy, it is ensured that attitudes, practices, values, beliefs and common sense prevail in defense of the established socioeconomic order, the one that allows the concentration of wealth and the main decisions. The perspectives imposed to perceive and evaluate what happens are proclaimed as revealed truths superior to those that seek to detain how much remains concealed. There is also a deliberate confusion between information and entertainment.  They keep the audience entertained and distracted with fake choices: it is brainwashing adorned with perfume. So much so that news hours call it a show.

In this context of manipulation and deception, it is time to function. Uniting and organizing wills, learning from the advances and setbacks that mark the march of humanity. A long-standing challenge that changes with the circumstances of each time and place. Many of us are in that, reinforcing understanding and determination. It is worth joining and contributing.


The Editors

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