In 2020 alerts grew; now change the course

Year 2020 was painful, riddled with losses, confinements, fears, terrors and punishments; it was also a year when alerts resounded. Alerts saying, we could not go on the way we were going, that tortuous and alienated paths were chosen. In truth, some chose and we followed them as calves in herds follow their guide. It was and is a harmful path for humanity and the planet that shelters us.

Humanity remained swamped in a social and environmentally overflowing process, with forests and species that disappear, fragmented societies, cracked, with attitudes full of selfishness, too much submission, ignorance, banality. There is no doubt, double pandemic sanitary and neoliberal enlarged the alerts, it made them louder warning about the threatening seriousness of naturalizing so many punishments, deprived, suffering, no recent process but long-standing affronts impossible to ignore. People can stand no longer; the planet blows out its fury.

Savagery of greedy and irresponsible dominators imposed a devastating trajectory. It is necessary to change the course. Orientate politics, economy, and creativity towards good living. A project of a hopeful world that calls for addressing numerous challenges, some singular to each community, others common to a global society that germinates slowly. Alarms call for new social coalitions that reinforce popular clarification and organization, pillars and roots of full democracies.

There is too much to be learned, there always was, but when risks threaten the survival, we need to rise firmly. There lays the largest challenge, may be an epopee, understanding that our minds have been colonized, that subjectivities have been molded to stun and sterilize free-wills and determinations.

Parrots recite that “yes we can;” only that they do not know what it is about. Humanity does know, changing the course.


The Editors

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