Ignominy: migrants thrown out of the world

What would we do if we lived in a pauperized country, with undernourished families, without health care, with its security threatened, poor access to education, with no exits apart from criminal gangs? Perhaps we would stay to survive and suffer or we would try to migrate, baring life risks, violence, abuses, disdain and inequities?

If that ejector force were the result of the exploitation suffered by the country, where we were born? How would we react if we saw that the resources that had been taken away capitalized opulent societies and merciless local accomplices? Alternatively, is it that they do not know about the history of accumulation of those affluent societies? How much of their wealth was generated in the colonies bleeding countries, villages, and families?

Today, they raise walls and repress—futilely –rejecting migratory waves that will not stop if the inclemency that overwhelms their homes is not resolved. Those who reject them generate frustrations, resentment, hardships, and deaths. Except from brave and solidary groups, the rest belittles and accuses. However, who has the right to accuse, those that accuse today or those that have always suffered the accusations?

Thinking differently would allow for conceiving other polices far from repression and submission. It is not a valid argument that there is lack of resources and that if we invest in migrants we would postpone our own population. Resources exist but they are in few hands and good part is devoted to financial speculation, production of weapons, financing science, technology, and health with lucrative ends, there is also abundance of production of sumptuous goods and services for alienated consumerisms. With so many unmet basic needs, the useless is shameful.

It is time to change approaches that did not work. Consider ways of backing up countries ejectors of migrants to create dozens of thousands of dignify and sustainable jobs. In the same way, to complement the aforementioned, promote within receptor countries multicultural productive activities inclusive of migrants with dignity and rights. The futile repression is useless; the challenge is to adopt policies that honor humanity, lending a hand not a fist.

Do we need to remind ourselves that all, absolutely all, of us were migrants?


The Editors

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