Hope and despair

There are no few or simple challenges to continuously address. Family with its joys and loses. Dignified, sustainable work when it exists; gigs that appear and disappear; tremendous ostracism and solitude of unemployment. Millions with roof, nutrition, healthcare and other millions trapped in cornering of poverty and indigence. Having all the material, many aim for, seduced by the compulsion to consume even the unnecessary; for them, nothing is enough, for the ignored everything is missing.

Mixtures of individual and collective; the network of siblings and primacy of intense hunger. In one shore, dignity and transparency, in the other appropriation and corruption, the stream has mixed waters.

Love, solidarity, and care for beings and the planet appear encouraging; selfishness, endless greed, belittlement of others weighs heavily. There are outstretched hands and closed fists. Voices with loudspeakers and cornered feelings. Alienation to accuse and punish innocent ones, scapegoats that emerge from our pettiness and ignorance. There are the brave as well who avert their gaze, clarify, and are examples. The world advances through valleys of splendor and somber slopes.

Unavoidably interlinked are hope and despair. Make hope guide and despair not overwhelm us today, our children and grandchildren of tomorrow’s world, and from there on.


The Editors

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