Governing for the 1% and separatist tendencies

Governments that establish economic, social, and political policies to favor the wealthiest 1% and their accomplices sow systemic instability. In previously published articles (geopolitics and systemic instability) we had added our voice to many others that explain how inequality inexorably leads to socioeconomic instability and destroys the environment. In these times of growing outbreaks, it is worth adding that with those governments latent separatist tendencies are also potentiated. Each of them has different origins and dynamics and Opinion Sur does not have a deep insight into them or any authority to take a stand on them. What is clear to us is that the primacy of greed and authoritarianism that arrives with that unbridled thirst for unlimited accumulation is not, and sooner or later will not be accepted by the immense majorities that suffer painful and infamous punishments. How different the situation would be if our governments would govern to achieve general wellbeing and did not resort to repression and the Goebbelian deceive  for self preservation; the will for peacefully solving conflicts and divergences might prevail. Without the cudgel, pushiness, and hypocrisy of what is concealed, there would be more chances to align with a solid foundation the diversity of existent interests around democratically elected paths.

There will always be conflicts based on different interests, needs, and emotions, but one thing is solving them with sticks to protect irritating privileges and another very different one is to openly and honestly face them taking into account feelings and wills with justice and equity. We will not cease to contribute to this referential utopia until it becomes true.



The Editors


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