Clarity and determination

Impossible to ignore what happens in each country and the world. We have reached unsustainable limits of wealth concentration and dreadful inequalities, poverty and indigence. We must change the course and way of functioning that have generated such social and environmental disasters. Shaking and sliding in world’s geopolitics, outbreaks in every region, dominators enjoy themselves in the Titanic.

Clarification and social organization advance; from homogenizing arrogance to diversity of identities; searches for economies that serve humanity and the planet germinate, with re-flourished cultures. We hope this can be achieved and especially through democratic means, as many propose, including Opinion Sur.

Certainly, it is worthwhile dialoguing, but to transform. No empty dialogues that preserve privileges and dominators; dialogues that explicit what is concealed. They have made as much as possible to numb freewill but clarity and determination of those who do not give up equity, justice, and will still survive—what a stubbornness—to free captured democracies. There has to be a convergence from multitudinous spaces of peoples marching and those torn from the land. Joining is an overwhelming option, with focus on the essential and abandoning meanness.

Longings, simple longings, or a foundational epopee?


The Editors

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