Clarifying and preparing better interventions

In this phase of reflux of rights, developments, and sovereignties, it is worth reflecting on the events that made setbacks possible. Concentrated groups seriously conditioned politics, economics, and culture to strengthen and enable their increasing control of wealth and decisional power. This should not be surprise as they have always done so, either with more or less effectiveness. What is inadmissible is that the popular field, the immense majority of humanity, has not reacted to demand other courses. Plenty remains to be explained, understood, clarified and also organized and mobilized. Those are the challenges needed to be addressed in this difficult transition that hopefully will result in other guiding principles of the social functioning: replacing the endless profit of minorities that do not value our planet for peoples’ wellbeing and environment protection.

In this issue, we address some of these questions. In Geopolitics Section, there is an analysis of how the old distinction between hard power (military force) and soft power (power of inspiration) has been replaced by the distinction between brute force and efficiency. In Transformations Section, there is an exposition of a possible common thread among data leaks related with tax havens: a power struggle among main financial powers regarding their control share of the resources administered by those tax havens. In Development Section new policies that serve general wellbeing and environmental protection are presented.

Warm greetings and best wishes for the New Year


The Editors

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