Borrowed words. Understand to tell it. Understand to change it.

“This issue that you have in your hands means fulfilling a dream for us. Putting a limit on dominant discourse using noble weapons with which we practice what we know. (…) We do not wish to arrogate anything that might exceed us, but we know that when the balance of these dark times is made, which always arrives, the contents of our magazine will be recognized as a contribution to the battle against oblivion and dis-memory. Not the main, not the only one.

(…) We were where we ought to be when others bowed their heads, or refused to understand the tragedy that implied going from a model which, even with its shortcomings, had the production, employment, sovereignty and technological development among its priorities, to another one implemented by a business board that fosters the neocolonial pillaging, docile surrender to the IMF, and the destruction of citizen rights in favor of a handful of privileged as essential objectives of their government program.

(…) We are forced to understand reality to tell it. Our personal indignation has to be an engine, not a parking brake. Our sensitivity, though it might throw us to crying and despair at times, must always be at the service of understanding what happens. Understand to tell. Understand to change. (…)”

We would have wanted to write these lines and we found them written. His author is Roberto Caballero, an extraordinary journalist that reconciles us with our thoughts and feelings. We wish this issue of Opinion Sur might contribute something to the stream of clarification and determination.



The Editors

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