Opinion Sur is a non-governmental, nonprofit group dedicated to promoting sustainable economic and social growth in developing countries.

Opinion Sur creates original ideas and strategic action plans to share with policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics, NGOs, and the public through advisory services, and a series of products: two monthly online publications – Opinion Sur and Opinion Sur Joven –, a collection of printed books, e-books available on-line, as well as opinion pieces published in various newspapers and blogs.

Through Opinion Sur Journal, a free and non-partisan online publication, Opinion Sur circulates ideas that contribute to the sustainable development of countries in the Southern Hemisphere. This publication, which is also available in Portuguese and Spanish, focuses on three complimentary areas: Development; Geopolitics; and Transformations. Currently, there are more than 70,000 subscribers spanning across the five continents.

In 2006, Opinion Sur launched Opinion Sur Joven, a rapidly growing virtual publication exclusively directed by young people. Opinion Sur Joven has editions in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, and has more than 10,000 young subscribers across the world.

Opinion Sur has also made available a printed-book collection covering various topics related to globalization and development: from essays on geopolitics from a Southern perspective to in-depth analyses of the challenges to sustainable development in the South and solutions for a new, more just path of growth.

In addition to Opinion Sur’s collection of printed books, you can now access and download online a series of E-books, available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. These easily accessible digital books cover everything from strategies to transform the base of the social pyramid, to the roots of the financial crisis and the opportunities for a sustainable way out.

Opinion Sur’s opinion columns are yet another valuable source of information and ideas. Written by Opinion Sur’s co-editor Roberto Sanson Mizrahi, and contributor Eduardo Remolins these pieces are published weekly in Diario Hoy from Quito, Ecuador, and Diario La Capital from Rosario, Argentina.

Opinion Sur also invites you to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions at Opinion Sur’s blog,

Opinion Sur has undergone a major transformation since its birth in 2003, from a modest publication into a valuable voice of the South. Opinion Sur is eager to extend its network of readers to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Oceania, Europe and North America. Join Opinion Sur as it brings strategic thinking to development initiatives by subscribing online at

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