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  • Addressing the richest people on the planet

    Along decades of working we have tackled a great diversity of themes related with important areas of knowledge and action, such as geopolitics, development, and transformations. We have analyzed diverse processes, trying to decode their genesis and the forces and mechanisms that support and reproduce them. Good part of the attention focused on the contemporary huge concentration of wealth, power, and decisions. We continue characterizing actors and offering proposals to overcome present misfortunes. Humbly we have tried to contribute to the construction of referential utopias, those that can serve us as orientation focus for transforming actions. What we have not ...

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  • Reflections

    Regarding good and evil For me, Evil’s temptation does not exist. Essentially, Evil comes from those who want to impose the Good onto others. Risking being misunderstood, I would say that every large criminal of history was guided by the will of disseminating the good; even Hitler, our quintessentially evil, was hoping for the best for that chosen Germanic race to which he was eager to belong (…) Even today’s Jihadists do not seem to be inspired by their desire to do Evil, rather Good, but through means we judge absolutely abominable. Therefore, for me the temptation of Good seems ...

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