Social and environmental crisis of unforeseen outbreak

In a world of open and concealed conflicts, beyond terrorism what is alarming is the ticking of a huge time bomb of global scope and unforeseen outbreak. In crossing unusual limits, the unbridled financial speculation set up as organizer of the contemporary economic and geopolitical system generates very unstable socioeconomic and environmental spaces. The disproportionate profit of powerful minorities punishes large majorities, destroys the environment, and multiplies highly dangerous speculative bubbles. Social resentment boils. What will happen with humanity? Will the chastisement thunder? Which will prevail: vengeance or reconstruction? Will hope be able to rise above fury? A magma of social forces tries to channel its vigor, while not much is contributed by coward leaderships.

The rich and powerful live in an illusionary world believing that their privileges and power will be eternal; huge mistake that the history of humanity keeps showing one and a thousand times. Today, the huge concentration of wealth and decisional power, boosted by unlimited greed and a way of functioning that threatens planetary health, bears a growing environmental destruction and a staggering social inequality, what increases the already serious conditions of systemic instability.

A huge global outbreak or a series of regional outbreaks are coming. Triggers are in no lack: they could be social, political, environmental or, more likely, a combination of all of them. The consequences and virulence of those outbreaks are unpredictable, as well as the resulting directionality as it will be forged in the clash of struggles between those who fight for a better world and the usual opportunistic, traffickers of pain, a bunch of privilege scribes and crouched traitors.

Will this be unavoidable?

If the global trajectory maintains the present course, if the way of functioning of countries and societies remains just as it was imposed by minorities that have appropriated the economic rudder and molded subjectivities in favor of their interests, then, what is most like is that we will face such dramatic future no matter how diverse the peculiarities of each group of circumstances turn out to be.

Instead, if social and political movements knew how to dismount the mechanisms that privilege uses to appropriate the value that society generates, if it were possible to transform the correlation of forces to seize the rudder of our own destiny and responsibly care for the planet, then, other principles and values could sustain better trajectories and other public policies and perspectives could materialize them.

In such global and national order, the unlimited greed, the staunchly selfishness, the unbridled alienation must be displaced as well as the arrogance of believing that what every individual achieves is purely based on their own merit and is not the result of several context factors including inherited privileges, that poor and indigent people are to blame for poverty and indigence because they are lazy and disoriented and are not the almost unavoidable result of submission and subdue.

New trajectories

It is worth stating that there will be no recipe that could replace the activation of our own freewill, supportive and careful with the planet that shelters us. Although walking into the unknown intimidates, it must be done creating new ways of functioning, choosing better courses, innovating with transforming options that should be adjusted according with changing circumstances. It will be needed to fight the nihilism and disorientation that has been inoculated on us.

The option is dramatic: we keep skidding towards more savagery and environmental destruction or we choose new trajectories to build more supportive social systems with firm care for the planet. Even though it is not possible to envision which regimes will replace concentrating capitalism, we know that it will be necessary to dismount all that have supported it and has taken to live in captured democracies: especially the mechanisms of economic and cultural submission that already exist or those new that may emerge.

It should not inhibit us the lack of an ideal navigational chart! With everybody’s contributions, other trajectories with much more social and environmental significance could shape up; they will emerge from concrete realities, from the collective talent and yearning, from successive innovative waves that will follow the initial ones.

It is worth insisting that in the way we are going we are geared towards a situation of extreme turbulence and systemic turmoil. Will humanity know how to avoid tenebrous outcomes? Faced with so much pain and resentment, will we be able to rise above fury and vengeance to address reconstruction?

A magma of social forces tries to channel its energies into building more potent and fair economic structures. It will be necessary to count on good helmspersons which will not emerge from the electoral stunts that prevail in the world today. Coward leaderships contribute nothing and even less those that represent privilege.

Huge are the challenges that test the social determination and courage to get into what still does not exist, the future, our collective future.


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