Regarding a “better” society

Is it really “better” a society where possibilities are restricted to less than a third of its population? What happens with solidarity and even with the sense of security that is lost when one is surrounded by people that lust for or envy what one has? Is it possible to be happy in a violent and fragmented society? What happens with creativity and intellectual development that require a liberating and enriching education? Is it possible to be happy in a bubble of consumption governed by foreign interests?

Hoenir Sarthou


Regarding the denial of global warming

Precisely the same techniques used by public relations of tobacco companies are used today in denying an even more visible, more confirmed, evidence: the connection between global warming and consumption of fossil fuels that emit massive quantities of carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. More effective than denying is pretending once again that things are not clear, that there is a disagreement between groups of scientists, that there are two sides in the matter, equally respectable.

Antonio Muñoz Molina


Regarding old age

I do not think about old age as an increasingly distressing time that we need to bear in the best possible way, but rather a time of leisure and freedom where we are liberated from artificial urgencies of the past, free to explore what we desire, and to combine thoughts and emotions of a whole life.

Oliver Sacks

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