Regarding truth

If there is a truth, it is that the truth is an object of struggle

Pierre Bourdieu


Regarding the fuel for a new civilization

We must build a new system, outside the current one, centered in human dignity and not in craving for profit, where generosity and not meritocratic greed is the fuel for a new civilization. Capitalism has failed as civilizing paradigm because it has multiplied poverty and inequality. It has increased the risks we inhabitants of the planet suffer for so much development of productive forces of industrialization and overexploitation of natural resources as well as for the generation of social dangers as consequence of deepening of inequalities, immoral concentration of wealth, and lust for power.

Marcelo Ciaramella


Regarding those who talk in the name of God

Fundamentalisms make God say what certain humans want, generally they are men, hierarch, the powerful and patriarch.

Marilú Rojas Salazar

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