What will come next?

What can we expect at the planetary level? What will come after the Unites States? How will global power with its flops be distributed within regions and countries? What will imperfect contemporary democracies transform into? Will they remain captured, transvestites, or will we manage to set out towards new full democracies? How to live with hypocrisy and the abuse power that nest in the offshore world and its despicable tax havens? Is it worth reflecting on these subjects to understand but also to provide us with better referential utopias? Will we be able to find more equitable paths that care for the environment and with more decisional sovereignty? How to disbelieve in fatalisms and voluntarisms? How to preserve our freewill even though the situations in which we must exercise it are conditioned?

Some of these questions wander around this month’s articles.



The Editors


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