Vigilant on the proposals to exit the crisis

Like many others, we have focused in Opinión Sur our attention on understanding why the crisis broke out, the dynamics that originated it, the circumstances that converged to make it explode with such a virulence and global reach. This is an indispensable analytical effort to understand what happened, and be able to appraise the relevance and probable efficacy of the solutions that are being designed. Without this perspective, we would inevitably have to adopt the hegemonic vision repeated time and again by the mainstream strategic think-tanks. This global crisis is not merely financial, although was undoubtedly triggered by the malfunctioning of the financial system. There are other grounds, other circumstances and factors that generated the dynamics that led us to the crisis. Several articles and two e-books by Opinión Sur elucidate this perspective and may be consulted at [>].

Our task is now to focus on solutions; analysing them painstakingly, appraise what they include as well as everything they leave out, do not consider. It is the systemic course and way of functioning that need to be discussed. Specific measures are essential, but all the more so is the directionality that the set of specific measures establishes. Strategic thinking, policy guidelines and specific measures are part of a single challenge that is deployed at different levels.

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