The time for peoples united in their diversity

Contemporary trajectory generates geopolitical, social, and environmental turmoil that are unsustainable. A superior option is that of Good Living, a construction made by peoples united in their diversity that do not accept the imposition of revealed truths but rather want to decide sovereignly their course attending to the singularity of each situation. The planet and humanity unite in a critical search.

The unbridled concentration of wealth and decisional power conforms a dynamic that punishes the large majority of humanity and generates tremendous inequalities. It is directed by powerful minorities led by profit and greed without considering the consequences of their actions: they jeopardize the planet, appropriate the effort done by the entire humanity, generate unsurmountable geopolitical antagonisms, systemic instability with recurrent crises and social and military conflicts, they capture democracies. They do so imposing a debauchery that allows them leaping over jurisdictions and evading essential regulations for a peaceful future.

Courses and ways of functioning geared towards Good Living

It is necessary to tackle an emancipating process that might endure and deepen in time. It is indispensable to dismantle the concentrating dynamic and liberate captured democracies for taking care of the planet that shelters us and building a sustainable world without living people behind, with solidarity, equity, justice, full political and social rights, diversity of cultures that, far from threatening, enrich trajectories. That is, choosing the best courses and ways of functioning no longer directed by the compulsive pursuit of accumulation but rather orientated together with all humanity’s potential towards what was ancestrally called Good Living.

Peoples’ livelihood

No transformation of disastrous realities is achieved without peoples being able to build wide coalitions that reflect unity in diversity. Contemporary history and current affairs show that domination is based on repression, meanness, treasons and induced divisionism of popular sectors. Peoples must differentiate what are main antagonisms from diverse, but not antagonistic, popular needs that must be aligned to channel energies, today captured by dominators towards the construction of the Good Living. Without these coalitions, it will be difficult to exercise citizenship geared towards liberating captured democracies and make them bastions for equity, peace, and justice.

Diversity of paths

Diversity is also expressed in the adoption of strategies and trajectories as singularities of each situation and culture demand adapting forms, times, and sequences. Attempts at replicating foreign solutions, forcing diagnoses and solutions to make them homogeneous, are causes for errors and frustrations. When addressing singular problems, ideological fundamentalisms and ingenuities do not work. Successful experiences of different realities can inspire approaches and determination but own history, culture, and correlation of forces always weigh heavily. Intellectual laziness does not help either.

Peoples united in their diversity grant a mandate to governments to represent them in directing State apparatus towards the transformation of precariousness and injustices. The range of interventions is wide and diverse and addresses the different dimensions of social functioning. Regarding economics, it includes highlighting the importance of macroeconomic variables, potentiating meso-economic networks, and democratizing productive fabric to integrate the entire active population with equity and justice, without leaving people behind or marginalized. Socially, public policies that guarantee as universal rights the access to education, health, environmental sanitation, basic services of drinkable water, electricity, gas, digital communication, among others. In terms of security, a wide prevention coverage, appropriate police protocols, judiciary that does not abuse confinements and works for individual and social recovery of those who committed crimes. Regarding the environment, we need tenacity in caring for the environment, land, water, forests, and taking the energetic matrix towards renewable non-polluting energies. In the political front, democratize financing of parties, labor unions, entrepreneurial organizations; diversify the media.

This listing, which of course is incomplete, illustrates the diversity of spheres in which popular base governments must act effectively and with fairness. The challenge is not limited to adopting new policies but also to forming State cadres capable of materializing values, perspectives, and implementation actions at the level of the territory.

Beyond known frontiers

Peoples united in their diversity will have to go beyond known frontiers, dismantling what is backward looking and preserving the positive accomplishments humanity has built. It is the foundation for seeking new courses and ways of functioning, establishing norms, institutions, and regulations that make explicit what is socially desirable, legal, and legitimate, addressing the continuous clarification of purposes and values, strengthening social organization, building an economy subordinated to achieving the Good Living for all.

What is new, for being unknown, frightens some and mobilizes others. It demands learning by doing and correcting eventual mistakes, unveiling what is concealed, assuring transparency, practicing collective action with a leadership that decides in consultation with and by mandate of its bases.

When advancing through unexplored fields, it is worth combining firmness with prudence. An indiscriminate destruction is not useful, neither is complacency; between these two extremes governing wisdom is practiced.

This summon is not centered on individual feats, though they might exist; it calls for a popular epic of achievements and cares; caring for humanity, protecting Mother Earth.

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