The principle of self-destruction and the fight against Covid-19

Humanity’s situation is unsustainable. If this perverse logic continues, the path to our own grave will be ready. We should not let dementia have the last word.

Since two primary atomic bombs were dropped over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, humanity has created for itself a nightmare from which it has not been able to free itself. On the contrary, it has become a reality, which threatens life on this planet and the destruction of much of the life-system. Much more destructive chemical and biological nuclear weapons have been created that can destroy our civilization and profoundly affect living Earth.

Even worse, we have designed autonomous artificial intelligence. With its algorithm, which combines billions of information collected in all countries, it can make decisions without us knowing. Eventually, it can, in maddened combination, penetrate the arsenals of nuclear weapons or others of equal or greater lethal power and launch a full-scale war of destruction of everything in existence, including itself. It is the principle of self-destruction. That is to say, it is in the hands of the human being to put an end to the visible life that we know (it is only 5%, 95% are invisible microscopic lives).

We must rule over death. It can happen at any time. An expression has already been created to name this new phase of human history, a true geological age the “Anthropocene”, that is, the human being as the great threat to the life-system and the Earth-system. The human being is the great Satan of the Earth, who can decimate, as an antichrist, himself and others, his fellow men, and liquidate the foundations that sustain life.

The intensity of the lethal process is so great that there is already talk of the “necrocene” era, that is, the era of the mass production of death. We are already within the sixth mass extinction. Now it has irrevocably accelerated, given the will to dominate nature and its mechanisms of direct aggression to life and Gaia, the living Earth, in function of unlimited growth, of an absurd accumulation of material goods to the point of creating the overload of the Earth.

In other words, we have reached a point where the Earth is unable to replace the natural goods and services that were extracted from it and begins to show an advanced process of degeneration through tsunamis, typhoons, thawing of the polar ice caps and permafrost, prolonged droughts, terrifying snowstorms, and the emergence of hard-to-control bacteria and viruses. Some of them like the current coronavirus can lead to the death of millions of people.

Such events are reactions and may be retaliation by the Earth for the war we wage against her on all fronts. This mass death occurs in nature, thousands of living species disappear definitively each year, and in human societies, where millions starve, thirst, and all sorts of deadly diseases.

The general perception is growing that the situation of humanity is not sustainable. If we continue with this perverse logic, a path will be built that leads to our own grave. Let us give an example: in Brazil, we live under the dictatorship of the ultra-neoliberal economy, with a policy of the extreme right, violent and cruel for large poor majorities.

Perplexed, we have seen the evils that have been done, nullifying the rights of workers and internationalizing national wealth that sustains our sovereignty as a people.

Those who in 2016 staged a coup d’état against President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil accepted the recolonization of the country, now a vassal of the dominant power, the United States, condemned to be only an exporter of commodities and a minor and subordinate ally of the imperial project.

What is being done in Europe against refugees, rejecting their presence in Italy and England and even worse in Hungary and in the very Catholic Poland, reaches levels of inhumanity of great cruelty. The measures of the President of the United States, Trump, ripping the children of their immigrant parents and placing them in cages, denote barbarism and the absence of any humanitarian sense.

It has already been said: “no human being is an island … don’t ask for whom the bell tolls. They bend for you, for me, for all humanity “. If the darkness that overwhelms our spirits is great, our longing for light is even greater. Let us not let the aforementioned dementia have the last word.

The greatest and last word that cries out in us and unites us with all humanity is solidarity and compassion for the victims; it is for peace and good sense in relations between peoples. Tragedies give us the dimension of inhumanity of which we are capable, but they also allow the truly human that inhabits in us to emerge, beyond the differences of ethnicity, ideology, and religion. The human in us makes us take care of ourselves together, we show solidarity together, we cry together, we wipe our tears together, we pray together, we seek together world social justice, we build peace together and we renounce together to revenge and all kinds of violence and war.

The wisdom of the peoples and voice of our hearts confirm this: it is not a state turned terrorist, like the United States under US President Bush, which will defeat terrorism. Nor the hatred of Latino immigrants, spread by Trump, which will bring peace. Tireless dialogue, open negotiation, and fair dealing remove the foundations of any terrorism and found peace. Tragedies that struck us deep down our hearts, particularly the viral pandemic that has affected the entire planet, invite us to rethink the fundamentals of human coexistence in the new planetary phase, and how to take care of the Common House, Earth , as Pope Francis asks in his encyclical on integral ecology “about caring for the Common Home” (2015).

Time is short. In addition, this time there is no plan B that can save us. We all have to save ourselves, as we form a community of destiny Earth-Humanity. For that, we need to abolish the word “enemy”. Fear creates the enemy. We exorcise fear when we make the distant one close and the neighbor a brother and sister. We drive away fear and the enemy when we begin to dialogue, to know each other, to accept each other, to respect each other, to love each other, in one word, to take care of ourselves.

Take care of our ways of living together in peace, solidarity, and justice. Take care of our environment so that it is a complete environment, without destroying the habitats of viruses that come from animals or arboroviruses that are located in forests, an environment in which it is possible to recognize the intrinsic value of each being. Take care of our dear and generous Mother Earth.

If we take care of ourselves as brothers and sisters, the causes of fear disappear. Nobody needs to threaten anybody. We can walk our streets at night without fear of being mugged and robbed. This care will only be effective if it is accompanied by the justice necessary to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, if the State is present with sanitary measures (how important the SUS was in the face of Covid-19), with schools, with security, and with spaces for coexistence, culture and leisure.

Only in this way will we enjoy a peace possible to be achieved when there is a minimum of general good will and a sense of solidarity and benevolence in human relationships. That is the unwavering desire of most humans. This is the lesson that the intrusion of Covid-19 in us is giving us and that we have to incorporate into our habits in post-coronavirus times.

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