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For those of you who read us on a monthly basis and even more for those of you who occasionally or for the first time access our website, we would like to highlight three spaces that some might call “smaller” and we like to qualify as “enormous.” Those are Reflections, Initiatives, and Opinion Sur Collection.

The “section” Reflections monthly includes three thoughts that moved us, made by very diverse people that invite reflection. They are short, can be read all at once and on the run (reiteration is intentional). However, if we were to accept the invitation to dedicate them an instant of close attention, it is very likely that some ringing of clarification would resonate inside us.

The “section” Initiatives has a very diverse mixture of facts and relevant events promoted by groups or individuals. We would like to think that each initiative, in its genre and circumstances, implies a valuable contribution to the collective creativity, thinking, and action. For example, in this issue, we have included: (i) a limelight report that proposes “rewarding work not wealth,” (ii) a dialogue between two in-depth and informal thinkers, one a historian and the other a philosopher, regarding love, death, religion and power; a not-to-be-missed video; and (iii) some minutes of the most candid and hilarious humor from the group Les Luthiers.

Collection of books Opinion Sur includes six titles that, in order of publication, are Los Hilos del desorden: primeras trayectorias geopolíticas del Siglo XXI, Un país para todos, Negocios locales Oportunidades globales, Ajustar el rumbo: salir de la crisis hacia un desarrollo sustentable (with and English version: Adjusting the course: getting out of the crisis towards sustainable development), Crisis global: ajuste o transformación and Democracias capturadas



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