About those who are expendable

As it could not be otherwise, the cocktail of adjustment, mega devaluation, lower wages, pensions, unemployment, dollarization and other nonsenses point against the most vulnerable, those who for the cold calculation of the Real Power are too much, they are expendable.

Sergio Zabalza

About losing their place in the world

The refugees are caught in between crossfire. To be more exact, at a dead-end alley. They are expelled from their native country but denied entry to any other. They don’t change places; they lose their place in the world.

Zygmunt Bauman

About longing to be another

I longed to be another, to be a man
Of rulings, books, opinions,
In the open I will lie among marshes;
But I deify the inexplicable breast
A secret jubilation. At last, I find myself
With my South American destiny.

Jorge Luis Borges

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