About the extractivist model of agriculture

The extractivist model of agriculture generates a flattening of the landscape to convert all ecosystems into temperate plains, because that is where there is more production, where it is easier to put the machinery. Thus, it tends to monoculture with machinery on thousands of hectares and that leads to a greater profit for those who invest in it, as well as for the States that tax them. But that doesn’t mean a better future for others than for the model’s winners. That is why I believe that, given all the problems of pollution, genotoxicity, desertification, etc., that organizing the agri-food production system has brought prioritizing profit, today we should think about introducing other models, such as agroecology, because producing with sustainability prioritizing the health of ecosystems and humans as part of them is possible.

Patricia Aguirre

About Court Life Judges and the People

It is enough to stop at the ornaments of justice: large rooms, crucifixes, ties, offices, files, corridors … There is no judicial apparatus without that distinctive exteriority that manufactures a nobility of courtly life that differentiates it from the people, but especially from what it judges. Because the judgment is also by contrast of appearances: a white judge who lives in a country club and arrives in a luxury car to his office, is dressed in a high-label attire and judges a kid who comes from the street, who is dirty, muddy, beaten and lives in a humble neighborhood. These two worlds meet in each file, one imposes itself on the other, because that is the vision of class and its revanchism.

Julián Axat

About the capitalist model and losing the compass

Essentially, the capitalist model in which we live generates a distance from the state and loses the compass in relation to how a human society prepared to face the future should work. The diseases generated by hyper-consumption and the extractivist scheme on which the functioning of the global world is based are no longer tolerable. The exploitation of natural resources and dependence on fossil fuels lead to the gestation of a tremendously unequal planet. The developing countries of the global south are losing all their aspirations for progress. The rich world relocates its productions and plunders the natural resources of poor nations.
Carlos Ferreyra

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