Regarding how neoliberalism penetrates

First, danger in implanted by those who are the true architects of danger and then they put themselves forward to fight it (…) This type of mafia power runs from the law quoting the law, they embody the corruption in its germinal and propitiatory state, criticizing corruption.

Horacio González

Regarding a field, that feeds the people

The agribusiness model represents a concentrated field that does not feed, it is not focused on the people’s hunger, and meanwhile it generates extraordinary wealth for exports. Though exports are necessary, we need to promote another model of field one that feeds, we are thousands of peasants, rural cooperatives, small and medium producers that propose a sustainable model through agroecology and democratization of land to achieve food sovereignty in our country.

Zulma Molloja

Regarding the implantation of a totalitarianism in democracy

Neoliberalism, while it may seem a paradox, is the first totalitarian attempt within democracies, the aspiration to suturing own and non-transferable life of each of us with the coercions and demands, frequently impossible to comply with, of the unlimited reproduction of capital.

Jorge Alemán

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