Regarding those who hide resources in tax havens

We must invest in the common good, not hide the money in tax havens. Knowing how to invest, not how to hide. One hides when one does not have a clean conscience, or is enraged.

Pope Francis

Regarding how to protect ourselves from digital platforms

Big Data ends up knowing us better than ourselves. Ultimately, the logic of vigilance transcends individuals and becomes like a dead-end alley. We cannot escape from this world because, individually, we are weaker than algorithms. We are dominated and guided by them. There is no individual solution for the protection of individuals in front of digital platforms. On the contrary, we need to reflect on the way in which we can emancipate collectively ourselves from them preserving spaces for existence that are not totally dominated by this system. It is a political not a technological discussion.

Cédric Durand

Regarding “independent” journalists and economists

Independent journalists and economists do not exist. Behind the opinions, there is a subjacent ideology, that is not wrong, except when opinions are disguised with a false neutrality or when there is spurious funding from some dominator.

Alfredo Zaiat

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