Regarding the subordination of private property to universal destiny of goods

Always, together with private property right, there is the most important and prior principle of subordination of all private property to the universal destiny of goods produced by Earth and, thus, the right of usage for all.” (Fratelli Tutti, n.123). Sometimes, when talking about private property, we forget that it is a secondary right that depends on this primary right that is the universal destiny of goods.

Pope Francis

 “Green things, Sancho …”

The British Empire collapsed 70 years ago. To retain part of its global power, it was able to substitute with a creative modality what it appropriated from its colonies: a network of tax havens—incorrectly called “heavens”—under Her Majesty’s control, led by the City of London and its large banks that allowed it to keep “stealing” capitals from the rest of the world. According to the possibilities of new times, it established a new source of wealth, alternative to the old “imperial rents.” Thus, through financial means, the Empire managed to extend its colonial looting practiced over centuries in all continents.

Jorge Gaggero

Regarding the negative language used by the “modern” right

Instead of defending their ideas and practices, they criticize them but by dumping them on their adversaries. They criticize what they do, as if he who does that were another one, wicked and detestable.

Luis Bruschtein

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