Regarding rights and abuses

To corrupt an individual it is enough to teach him to call their personal desires “rights” and the others’ rights “abuses.”

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (quoted by Uy Press)

Regarding language

The brutality of language deceives us about the banality of thought and (apart from some big exceptions) keeps on being compatible with certain conformism

Marguerite Yourcenar

Regarding neoliberal governments

During the dark years of neoliberal government, opposition needed time for understanding the mechanisms used by the power to impose the neoliberal plan and bewitch subjectivity. In that time, the popular field could disentangle judiciary-media operations, the use of fake news and lawfare, as well as confirm the installation of feelings such as anguish, fear, and hate in disciplining and understanding one of the central strategies used by power: making entrepreneurial interests invisible and transform them into the “common good,” the “Republic,” and the “democratic values.” We need to take action in the form of collective pressure around the slogan entitlement to reliable information.

Nora Merlín

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