Regarding a cruel elitism against the excluded

Current world is each day more and more elitist and cruel with the excluded. This is a truth that hurts. Each day, developing countries are ripped off their best natural and human resources for the benefit of few privileged markets. Wars touch only few regions of the world. However, weapons to make them are produced and sold throughout other regions that do not want to take charge of refugees produced by such conflicts.


Regarding the hysterical condemnation of an “interventionist State”

The hysterical condemnation of an “interventionist State” that restricts “individual freedoms” is based on the also fallacious argument that the State always intervenes; sometimes to protect the most vulnerable from the market asymmetries; others to protect the market against the “insolence” of the most disadvantaged.

Fernando D´Addario

Regarding resilience during crisis

Resilience means much more than recovering. It means not doing what you did before. Therefore, recovery capacity demands new economic policies. In the short term, not paying the debt. The possibility of doing so is now reinforced by the fact that many countries will face a similar situation, including developed countries. I think about Italy. Crisis is a framework of need; one that justifies firm and timely decisions.

Pierre Salama

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