No more concentration of wealth and decisional power

Will the contemporary, unbridled process of concentration of wealth and consequent power to decide on the global and on each country’s courses be eternal? Some argue that this process is here to stay, as it was believed by those minorities that imposed empires and dictatorships. They forget that history shows the fall and disappearance of practically every system that believed to be permanent. Such could be the destiny of this destructive phase of ruthless financial capitalism.

What remains to be seen is whether the present system will not resist an accumulation of social forces that will force its transformation or, on the contrary, the own centripetal forces that sustain the concentration will end up asphyxiating and making the system reproduction unviable. What is most likely is that both strands converge to hasten the collapse of prevailing order. Experience also teaches that far from fatalisms and voluntarisms, the new order neither is born out of ingenuities nor it arrives as a gift. Instead, it arises from a diversity of tensions and fights that the more audacious are able to channel towards the type of social and political construction they strive. Thus, new societies could target general wellbeing and protection of the environment, but be aware, also new powerful minorities could establish the predominance of their own sectarian interests.

Far from discouraging, this perspective calls for advancing with a renewed steady determination towards a growing level of social clarification and organization. We join in that effort.



The Editors

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