Misinformation to mislead

Misinformation at the geopolitical and national levels is based on launching and circulating false or misleading information to manipulate public opinion. They try to disorientate large population segments so that they do not know how or cannot defend their own interests, longings, and needs by deviating their attention towards defending the dominators. Behind these harsh operations, the purpose of preserving hegemonic power nests. That is, keeping current the engines that concentrate wealth and decisional power. To achieve that, they induce divisionism; inoculate despair, fear, selfishness, greed and endless avarice; they punish and kill. False information and interpretations do not need to back up their veracity; therefore, they can burst in violently over the ill-defended freewill.

In situations of military confrontations as well as in electoral campaigns, falsehoods are launched at such a high rhythm and intensity that they deform realities to serve the dominators. They are not interested in clarification or reflection but rather in imposing their primacy. Disorientation of public opinion aims at increasing indignations, hate for the opponent, and disappointment on the rulers. Emotions, grief and mourning prevail instead of contrasting arguments and perspectives. The desired future is steamrolled by shallow cries, packed in marketing operations loaded with theatricalities and shams. Misinformation attacks peace and democratic functioning.

The margins for moving out of disorientating attacks are narrow and, however, there is no place for resignation and nihilism. It is a collective responsibility to militate the clarification, through unveiling everything that has been concealed deliberately, particularly the alien interests and agendas of the dominators. In these crossroads emerges much stronger the need for an order that cares for the entire humanity and the planet, a very different perspective from the one prevailing today. It implies accommodating international relations to a multipolar world and, within each country, build powerful social coalitions to liberate democracies captured by powerful and unscrupulous minorities. Huge challenges impossible to ignore.


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