Inactions and oblivions

No matter how hard to admit, neoliberal aggression subduing large majorities through colonizing their minds and molding subjectivities is leaving a mark in terms of hopelessness that is essential to revert. This issue of Opinion Sur addresses this crucial challenge with the modesty of knowing that we are part of a larger collective construction. A torrent of aspects that crosses over inactions, oblivions, hates, frivolity, violence, the effort of addressing animosities and fragmentations with clarification and social organization, the Freudian message of taming the past and avoiding the disasters we are building, unveiling political and judicial tricks such as the investigations on politics financing, closing with the voice of a teacher clamoring for hope that cannot die.

We take this opportunity to highlight the publication of a new book by Juan Eugenio Corradi. Its title is Strategic Impasse: The Social Bases of Geopolitical Decline. He analyzes the social causes of the inability of United States, and in general of all Western countries, to tackle the urgent planetary challenges. He studies the social dynamic unleashed by the global late capitalism and the demagogic manipulation of popular unrest. He looks into the future of international relations and proposes alternatives. See the book.



The Editors

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