From the neoliberal assault towards non authoritarian solutions

The tremendous process of concentration of wealth and decisional power had a special consequence over transforming governments: one way or the other they were destabilized or straightaway overthrown. The desire of entire societies for adopting better courses and way of functioning was asphyxiated. Mass media and a good part of educational systems were used to subdue large majorities through colonizing their minds and molding their subjectivities. They managed to install values and perspectives that vilified transforming forces: endless greed was imposed, as well as every type of selfishness, belittlement of others, punishment of those who have no voices, impoverished majorities, indigents, seniors, large masses of workers that survive in informality. This neoliberal onslaught accelerated the concentration process and magnified its negative social, political, and environmental consequences; it made the world slide towards recurrent situations of systemic instability.

With the advance of this phase of neoliberalism full of inequities and contradictions, popular frustration and fury exploded. Reactions follow different channels: according to which local forces lead the generalized discontent. Two main strands can be highlighted (with wide variety of modalities and specificities within each of them):

  • One strand assembles reactions that tend towards authoritarian solutions, in some cases of fascist nature.
  • Another strand gathers options to set up full democracies by freeing them from their constraints, what we have been calling captured democracies.

Humanity faces critical political and cultural crossroads. Hopefully, non authoritarian solutions will prevail for the sake of whole societies and the Planet. In this issue of Opinion Sur, we deal with some aspects of these important turning points in contemporary processes.



The Editors

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