From savage concentration process of wealth and decisional power to good living

Not long ago, the passage from concentrating savagery to good living was unthinkable; even worse, it was not part of the collective vision. Today, such option is present because of the tremendous environmental deterioration, overwhelming inequalities, and punishments of large majorities, which are totally inadmissible and unsustainable. Concentrating power and institutionalized greed severely compromised the habitat and generated hates and frustrations impossible to contain without severe repression. Social instability gives way to political destabilization.

Today, instability existent within a hegemonic power such as United States (with social and political fractures that world’s public opinion perceived more clearly with the invasion of the Capitol) shakes the geopolitical chessboard. Before the geopolitical “equilibrium” was transformed when Soviet Union disintegrated and again when the new-old China emerged on other grounds. What history shows is that geopolitical equilibria modify over time, they mutate as they have always done among other reasons because each contender does not enjoy permanent social unity. When strong contradictions and antagonisms develop inside a power center, its geopolitical role is affected, changes rise as well as instabilities in different latitudes.

In this context of tendency inflection, it is critical to envision other desirable realities, as what today seem like open spaces, inevitably will be occupied by not always predictable realignments of forces. Good living of entire humanity and protection of the planet is an option that ever more people and groups promote, in principle as country project though also as promissory global project.

This issue of Opinion Sur deals with these themes.


The Editors

PS: We would like to take this opportunity to announce the publication of the book Strategic Impasse whose author is our coeditor Juan Eugenio Corradi. We believe it will be of interest to our readers.

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