Dreadful leaderships

Although currently some democracies have chosen dreadful leaderships, it is painful to admit that the imposition of leaders that do not represent the people, who are also scoundrels, tricksters, and, frequently, mediocre, has existed since the dawn of humanity. Sometimes we qualify them as unpresentable but the damage they are capable of inflicting on the country, world, and planet is shockingly enormous. How do those characters appear and remain? Many mechanisms are used to impose fabricated leaders; however, a factor that stands out is the role of the elites, groups that have economic and communicational power. With such power, they are able to influence strongly in the election of leaders, including politicians and from the media and judiciary.

Though elites are diverse, different according to times and latitudes, they all operate to maintain their perks and privileges, that is, the foundations of their power. As their interests are those of a minority they cannot defend them in the open, they need to invent enemies that allegedly attack the majorities they protect. In this way, they divert hates, resentments, frustrations that would otherwise spill over the own elites. The actions to impose complicit leaderships involve funding them, facilitating them permanent media coverage, guaranteeing them judicial impunity if some of their misdeeds are discovered.

As the known saying goes, “a man is known by the company he keeps,” it could be re-elaborated into another equivalent that said, “tell me how are the elites that subdue you and I will tell you the type of leadership you will have.”

Articles in this issue of Opinion Sur, each with its specificity, address this critical aspect of contemporary reality.


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