Critical thresholds

In Latin America, in Sub-Saharan Africa, in the Arabic countries, in the monumental Asia of China and India, in so many spaces and corners of the planet, blossoms the will and determination to transform our societies’ way of functioning. The process that leads us to a more and more virulent concentration of wealth and decisions is socially, politically, economically and environmentally unsustainable. It is unthinkable that a minority of privileged people can profit at the expense of the efforts and the life itself of the thousands of millions of beings who share this world; we are facing critical thresholds.

The development trajectories which present generations will walk through will emerge according to the way people manage to surpass those thresholds. They are entry points to other horizons where numerous interests converge trying to influence the courses of action, each one with their own needs, aspirations and factions. In that context, today as always, hegemonic interests will seek to change only the indispensable in order to preserve their main privileges. To succeed they count with the fragmentation of the enormous universe that wishes to transform the present situation and with the concerted handling of the multiple domination instruments they control; their economic power allows them to sustain current extraction of value mechanisms and other new ones they will manage to establish. Given the change in circumstances, what was before achieved directly through repressive force today is carried out with the use of force threats (materialized only when other options fade away) but where the most active front involves co-opting large segments of politicians, judges, media and the hard core of the educational system through which they shape at their advantage public policies and values.

Under these circumstances there is nothing more effective but to rise above differences aligning interests and emotions as to take advantage of the richness of our diversity to strengthen transformational alternatives. History and our own experience show that this is one of the most decisive challenges to allow the development of all of us.

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