Blindness, end of cycle, new courses

Neoliberal domination is approaching the limits of its reproduction. So much has been destroyed with the impious concentration of wealth and decisions that the peoples of the world and the own Planet can stand no more. Inequality, poverty, indigence, environmental destruction lead to the implosion of the model of society and world that has been imposed on us. The walls that support it are cracking; popular frustration and fury, billions of people punished and cornered up without future. Desperate migrations that will not cease in their intent to reach central countries without the development of their places of origin; fragmentation of entire societies, profound geopolitical redraws; armaments built-up proliferation, environmental contamination and climate change unleashing growing warnings saying that we cannot play with the Planet. And that list barely scratches the self-inflicted effects carried out by the bewildered humanity. It is unmeasurable what has been ruined in terms of culture, reliable information about what happens and its consequences, capture of almost all existent democracies, spiritual emptiness and its replacement by the deification of profit, endless greed, alienated escapes towards addictions, frivolity and spectacle grogginess, senseless and irresponsible consumerism.

Is in this context that announces a cycle end, where alternative courses will come to be. As always, when a cracking model threatens to collapse new scoundrels appear, swindlers of popular pain. There is no simple exit with autopilot from a world filled with inequities, injustices, all kinds of abuses. What is new is the object of tensions, fights that carry hopes mixed with great pettiness. Not because we have suffered so much, a better world is handed to us as a gift; there is no such thing. We must stand up, grow in understanding and enlightenment and reinforce organizations capable of liberating our captured democracies. Among many other action fronts, there is the need for a profound review of the values that have sustained the submission, dismantling one by one all the engines that lead to the enthronement of concentration, cleaning up ourselves of fundamentalisms and hegemonic voices that smuggle the interests of a small group. We should let us imagine, think, and mold the societies we long for, open collective processes in permanent construction and transformation. It refers to unblocking feelings and abilities that have immobilized us. It is no easy task, but, yes, one full of sense and meaning.



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