Advance facing the two pandemics

It was pointed out (see Initiatives Section) that we are immersed in two pandemics. From the global and regional perspective, one is the unbridled process of concentration of wealth and decisional power that overwhelms humanity and threatens the Planet; the other one is the sanitary crisis generated by the new coronavirus. They might seem independent processes but if we delve into, causal relations emerge, one over the other. Some of them explain why the new virus surprised the world, commodification of life that dismantled sanitary systems, concentrated investments in weapons industry, in speculative profit, in medicines with bulky profits. Large majorities were punished, attacks on vital processes of the planet’s functioning multiplied, merciless greed and selfishness cornered up solidarity, caring for the other, doing good, not as merchandizes that are transacted but for the good itself, strengthening bonds, valuing communities, and living in peace respecting all. Good part of the judiciary, media, politicians joined in as accomplices in the disarray and we, many of us, fell in alienations, let our free-will be numbed, tolerated pettiness, did not unveil trickeries and lies with which our minds and wills were colonized. In this vulnerability context, of captured democracies, of States reoriented in favor of the powerful, of values that sustain greed and selfishness, and so much more that each one can identify, the aggressive new virus hit.

 Above all, the option to which most of us adhere is to overcome the severe sanitary emergency, redesign the course imposed onto humanity, transform the way of functioning that dominators (as they always do) wanted to make us believe was the only possible or, at least, better available option. Best for them but not for the Planet and humanity that inhabits it. We do not know how far we will be able to change what has been subduing us. Maybe, we can achieve important changes, maybe just scratches on inequity and iniquity. Let us hope we will know how to distance ourselves from the abyss where they are heading us. It will be preservation if not epic.

Let us humbly point out that last month, Opinion Sur published its 200th issue. We look back from where we have come and which was our trajectory. On that foundation, we realized that our task is what lies ahead. We will continue with this monthly publication and will complement it with a Twitter account (@opinion_sur) that would allow us to collect during the middle 29 days your contributions[1], those of third parties, though most frequently maybe ours, to this mission we chose contributing to the collective work of clarifying and organizing free, fair, and solidary wills.


The Editors

[1] . Each tweet can be in your own language, translations are not available

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