Websites of candidates and other politicians:

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Daniel Scioli
Elisa Carrió
Roberto Lavagna
Patricia Bullrich
Ricardo López Murphy, the leader of Recrear party, has his own«Bullblog».
Blog of the city of Buenos Aires’s mayor, Jorge Telerman
Domingo Cavallo
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Francisco De Narváez

Other links:

D’alessio Irol
Argentina Elections


Finquelevich, Susana “La información y los jóvenes: redes sociales de inserción, acción y contención” (Information and the youth: social networks for insertions, action and contention), La Habana, conference in the Latin American and Caribbean Symposium “La informática y los jóvenes” (computer science and the youth), February 20, 2002. An interesting lecture on young people in the Internet by this researcher from the Gino Germani Institute in the Buenos Aires University.

Profeta, Damián “Internet, jóvenes y participación” (Internet, the youth and participation), Buenos Aires, for the Youth Portal for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2007. A very good article on youth participation in the Net.

A movie

“La crisis causó 2 nuevas muertes” (Documentary, Argentina, 2006). An excellent journalistic work about the so-called“Massacre of Avellaneda”, when two students of Communication Science at the Buenos Aires University were assassinated. The role of the media and the political power during an event that led to the early resignation to the power by the president at that time, Eduardo Duhalde.