About leisure

The emptiness of great passions is filled with the barrage of small ones. Today we are drowned in small passions, and leisure has become the opposite of rest, plagued by hobbies designed to report some form of gain. The purest slackness, because yes, beyond the scheduled vacations, only fits strong souls, while the enemy of that form of rest is melancholy and the proven fact that, today, most people no longer know how to be alone with themselves.

Alain Corbin (quoted by Guadalupe Treibel in Las 12)

About the Age of Playful Humanity

For Byung Chul Han “the human being of the future, without interest in things, will not be a worker (homo faber) but a player (homo ludens). Because the growing “gamification” of the world and the professionalization of e-sports, invades communication as much as work: the era of playful humanity is beginning.

Julian Varsavsky

About Teaching Economics

Far from an ahistorical, universal and mathematical vision, with an axis in scarcity and efficiency, the new curricular proposal of teachers in Economics aims to train teachers from Political Economy. That is, from a historical and social perspective, centered on the production and appropriation of the economic surplus, the analysis of social actors, the link with nature, and the inseparable ethical perspective. It also incorporates topics such as feminist economics, ecological economy, social and solidarity economy, world economic history, recent national economic history, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights and regional problems, among others.

Pablo Sisti and Carlos Andujar

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