Regarding looting transformed into a way of life

When looting becomes a way of life for a group of men that live in society, through time, they create for themselves a legal system and moral code that authorizes it. They are lootings sustained by immoral but legal laws.

Fréderic Bastiat

Regarding rage and hate

Strictly speaking, rage is not capable of strategies, hate does.  Rage is a brightness that bursts in and dissolves in an instant; hate is accumulative, can be inherited and transmitted from generation to generation.

Diego Tatián

Regarding human being

Man has already lived millions of years somewhere./ He has already walked among nebulas; /he was in the heart of the first rocks; / he has been seaweed or fish in the sea, / he doubted among amphibian forms and preferred land, / he elevated with the trees to look down on the world / and storms left creation mud in his soul. / Yet now / birds and mammals transmigrate throughout his body.

Luis Franco (citado por Mario Goloboff)

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