Regarding those who deny the existence of coronavirus

As society, we should not forget how many have lost their loved ones without being able to be near them during their last moments. I cannot alleviate their pain, but I do think about them (,,,) while some recalcitrant deny the existence of the virus (…) Conspiracy legends are not only fake and dangerous, but also cynical and cruel with the victims.

Ángela Merkel

Regarding the role played by fear

Fear reduces the capabilities for resistance and critical vigilance. For its paralyzing effect, it is an effective social controller. People tend less to act when waiting for occurrences. The creation of fear and insecurity is indispensable for domination strategies. Mass media are the main dissemination channel for fears.

Alfredo Zaiat

Regarding decolonizing universities

European Public Universities and those with European inspiration were born or prospered with colonialism and today keep on teaching and legitimizing the history of the winners of the European expansion. It is not about destroying knowledge, but rather increasing knowledge to make evident that dominant knowledge frequently is an intentional and specialized ignorance.

Boaventura de Sousa Santos

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