Regarding a fraternity capable of finding the other

Today, more than ever, we need fraternity. Not a fraternity made of nice words, abstract ideals, vague feelings, but rather a fraternity based on real love, capable of finding the other, different from me, and sharing sufferings, getting closer, and caring for him/her even if s/he is not part of my family, my ethnicity, my religion. This is also worth for relations between peoples and nations. We are all Siblings.

Papa Francisco

Regarding living like lambs

I am not here to give you advice; if it were not for other motives, I am also learning with difficulty. However, many are already tired. My happiness is rough and effective, and it is not pleased with itself, it is revolutionary. Everybody could feel such happiness but ((they)) are too occupied with being gods’ lambs.

Clarice Lispector

Regarding what matters

What matters is not profit but life; not competition but solidarity; not individualism but cooperation among all; not an assault on goods and services from nature but its care and protection; not a minimum State but the State sufficiently equipped to meet urgent demands of the population. Said directly, what is worth more life or profit? Nature or unbridled spoliation?

Leonardo Boff

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