Regarding care instead of domination

Modern world paradigm, power as dominator over everything and everybody, reached its maximum expression in the culture of capital, generator of inequalities: one social injustice and another ecological one. It is individualistic, competitive, and exclusionary. Thus, we must oppose another paradigm against it. It will be the one about caring. More than a virtue, caring it is a new paradigm for the relation with nature and Earth: non-aggressive, life’s friend, and respectful of other beings. If the dominant paradigm is one of closed fist to subdue, that of caring is about an extended hand ready to intertwine with other hands and protect nature and Earth.

Leonardo Boff

Regarding communities of frugal survival

We can imagine (and propose) the creation of autonomous community networks that do not depend on the principle of profit and accumulation; communities of frugal survival.

Franco Berardi

Regarding a private neighborhood

I grew up in a private neighborhood … private (i.e., deprived) from light, water, phone.

Diego Maradona

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