Regarding purification of seeds
The process of seeds’ purification is material as well as ritual. When seeds have been exposed to illnesses produced by men and women as well as by eco-systemic adaptations, we must clear the seeds in their own territorial contexts. In the case of repatriated seeds from other continents, as they have been outside their territory of origin, they have to be presented again to the geh mapu, that is, to the protectors of the territory of origin, after long periods of exile or diaspora, thus, also in that contingency they must be cleaned.
Verónica Azpiroz Cleñan
Comunidad Mapuche, Epu Lafken, Los Toldos

Regarding large enterprises that do not pay taxes
60% of the largest enterprises in United States did not pay income taxes in 2018, despite having made a total of 79 billion dollar profit for their net income. What is worse, these enterprises in reality received 4.3 billion dollars in tax returns. Amazon accumulated 11 billion dollars in profits from last year and not only it did not pay taxes but also it received 129 million dollars in tax returns. A total of 26 enterprises, among them Chevron, Delta Airlines, Duke Energy, General Motors, Molson Coors and Prudential Financial, declared more than 1 billion dollars in net income and did not pay taxes.
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Regarding wetlands
Wetlands are considered true fabrics of life for the planet. They are key ecosystems for mitigating climate change, diminishing greenhouse-effect gases and preventing floods as they help absorb rains that are increasingly more frequent and stronger.
Guadalupe Rodríguez

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